How We Help Physicians

As a national specialized home delivery pharmacy, Peak Specialty Pharmacy delivers prescriptions directly to your patient’s door. Our simple, hassle-free process is designed to give your patients the highest quality care with little to no out-of-pocket expense.

What We Provide:

For Physicians

  • Prior Authorization Assistance – Our team will initialize the prior authorization process, which can be fairly time consuming. Bottom line: we save your staff time.
  • Co-pay card activation – We will gladly handle the steps to help. activate your patients’ co-pay cards while explaining the process to them and searching for the lowest cost.
  • Free statewide delivery – No need to worry if your patient received their medication.
  • Acceptance of e-prescription, fax or mail services – Our staff will contact your office to confirm receipt of the script.
  • Customized script pads –We create script pads specific to the medications you use in your practice.
  • Access to specialty drugs  even difficult to find treatment therapies for complex conditions.
  • Workman’s comp By working directly with your patients’ insurance carrier and attorney, we ensure prescription and payment needs are handled before their injury claim is settled, allowing your patients to focus on what matters most – getting better.